Meet our Talents #1



Vincent Van Gogh, a famous Dutch Post Impressionist painter says, “I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” His quote fascinates us to the realm of creativity and imagination. So, here is an article of very own lad, Mr Biki Sharma, who also imagines painting and then paints his imagination. Biki is the son of Mr Tara Prasad Sharma and Mrs Bindu Sharma and resides in Gangtok. He completed his schooling from Tadong Senior Secondary School, did his graduation from Sikkim Manipal University and is presently pursuing post- graduation from the same institution.

Biki, a man of a calm and composed personality, defines Painting as a feeling, a gratification and a medium to taste and feel aesthetic beauty. He is interested in Acrylic and Oil Painting.  He didn’t know that he had the talent to paint till his 7th grade. He got the opportunity in the year 2009 when Sikkim Akademi had organized State Level Art Competition. His sister, Niki Sharma was the one to encourage him to participate in the contest. He gave a try, succeeded and was recognized as a top ten artist in the junior category. This competition made him comprehend that he had the talent to paint.

Everyone including his family members appreciated his art and encouraged him to meditate more on his talent. So, he joined Shristy Art Class and started painting under the guidance of Sir Bhawani Pradhan. He stood first class with distinction in the first and second year. He also sold his first painting for 1200. Sikkim Akademi once again acknowledged him as a top ten artist in junior category in 2010. He kept his art flourishing and participated bagged the second position in Paint the changes contest for Earth hour awareness in 2010.

Unfortunately, Biki could not continue his art classes, as there was a financial constraint; but this didn’t stop his passion for painting. In spite of odds, he participated in various competitions and won recognition and awards.

Sir Dewakar Lamichaney cherished the talent of Biki and decided to guide him in his Grace Step School of Fine Art giving him a free ride. In this school, he got more exposure and encouragement, as he understood the concept and started a profound level of painting. He continued his participation in various competitions and workshops meant for art and painting. He even started giving art classes in the Ethnic institution and prepared students for NSPC Art competition.

Biki was fascinated to join Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University but he could not materialize his dream. His parents and friends advised him to join Visva Bharti to study fine art, but he saw a huge RISK to make his passion a profession and made up his mind to continue with traditional studies. Still, he did not give up his passion and regularly stayed in touch with his art.

At present, he frequently participates in various competitions and workshops. Now, he wants to focus on abstract painting and is very much interested to organize Solo Art Exhibition in near future. His says that upcoming talents should not halt in minor achievements and recognition nor should be disheartened by major failures but should constantly devote and dedicate their time in the refinements of talents.

Truly, our love for art and its refinement springs satisfaction in our soul. What else do we need? His passion for painting and love for his art is appreciable, so this article is dedicated to him.