My Experience with Bhagawad Gita


Let me tell you a word or two about the most inspiring book I have ever read in my life. A sensitive soul, as I am, merry- go-round of tragedies circled my life right from the age of my reason. When I was in my teens, I visualized death, felt pang of separation-horror of murder, climax of tension and stress. My sensitive soul became a troubled one. Oh! What could ail my troubled soul? I thought constantly. Am I born to suffer? The question further accelerated my distress. It made me a silent boy, not very much interested in sports, the result of my not so good physique. My adolescent age thus passed wandering about the probable answers to my multiplying complex questions.

The springs of the Nature changed several times so my winters; questions increased, so increased my level of stress and anxiety. Apart from multiple complexities, the most important question that pricked my mind every now and then was that of my identity. Who am I? The most complex complexities was also attached to it- the most powerful fear that human loves to fear- the fear of Existence- the fear of Death. My sensitive troubled soul further entered into the world of confusion. It made me so fearful that it controlled my entire conscience without giving me a relief for a second. My over heightened anxiety seriously affected my physical well-being and I was critically ill. I was at the most sensitive stage of my life as I started feeling acute ache in my chest more than the beating of the African drums. My body was in the stage of serious weakness. My energy became energy less energy; hope became hope less hope. I was hospitalized for many days and was under medication. Several CT scans, blood test was done; the report was normal but surprisingly my pain increased. Was it my physical ailment or serious soul crisis? The matter further confused my confusing soul. Sometimes, it would ache so much so that I almost gave hope and thought that I would breathe my last in the next few seconds. I was seriously struggling for my life but still my soul was searching for a satisfactory answer. My thoughts, my life- everything was travelling through the directionless direction.

My destiny was near doom, but before I crossed the danger line, in my ever-losing stage, I came through a book entitled Bhagawad Gita. This was the first time I met my everlasting companion of life. When I started going through its mesmerizing lines, I could relate my distress with that of Arjuna’s, who was reluctant to fight the battle at the beginning with his excessive anxiety. When I further progressed through its lines, the experience, I got, could not be explained in any possible rhetorical lines ever. I felt as if he is saying me, “Get up! you confused soul, and see your real identity.” Interestingly my pain started subsidizing, which gave me more energy to read more and more of it. It was like- the more I read the text, the more I wanted to read, the more I read, the more I wanted, and so it is and has become ‘never ending more’ to the reading of Bhagawad Gita, as I came to know it is  the perpetual journey which never comes to an end.

Seriously, when I was reading the text, I forgot my pain. I didn’t want any answers anymore. It was so complete, so sublime, so aesthetic- no further answer or explanation was needed. My pain was in its lowest limit, and my mind was as calm as a silent breeze. I felt as if  I was in the state of Complete Completeness. My company gave me everything. Interestingly, my entire questions were answered without any hardship. The day I came to know about my identity, I was awestruck. Now I wander why Arjuna was speechless when he saw Bishwarupa of Lord Krishna. I came to know that we all are a part of Super-soul. Super- soul is everything, life- death, fear- courage, in fact this entire existence. The fear of my death faded away as I came to know Super-soul is everything and we are the part of everything, we are the part of existence, we are the part of immortality and for this realization we have mortal body.

All other things like my name, small fame became secondary to me as my friend told me about my identity. My friend, my book made me realize that I am the part of eternal existence, infact we all are the part of  super-soul, so we have to come to our full potentiality. It really gave me the required energy to step up firmly and move on in life. My creative energy overflowed so I started writing and completed few books. My friend further advised me that our identity needs to be clear and that we are a Part of Super-soul but not the Super-soul itself, A clear message that we should not have an Ego in our identity; because the day we have an Ego and a sense of pride with our name, small fame or the material attainments, our connection with super-soul will lose its way, affecting our potentiality and peace.

My friend was with me whenever I looked for him; he taught me to do my duty without expecting anything in return and told me that I would get inner satisfaction. He also taught me to maintain stability of mind, and to see success and failure in the same temperament. He taught me to think beyond life and death, pleasure and pain, material or spiritual life. He brought me back to life, fed me with the ray of hope, gave me energy to move on in life. I had never met such a companion nor shall I ever meet in coming days. I seriously love his companionship, so every day I go through his line, and try to follow his good advice. What a good friend he is! Always present, always positive, always inspiring, and most important never expecting anything in return of his company.

Truly, he gave me power, a new life, hope, aspiration, courage, infact everything, so my small essay is dedicated to him.

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The importance of spiritual consciousness amongst the youth.


It’s a blessing to be born in the time when the technological developments are at its zenith. The information of the world is at our fingertips; we have time to comment on the new happenings in the world, we have time to chat with our friends living in the west. All of us are extremely busy in this so-called modern sophisticated materialistic world. But there are some of the questions that we seriously need to ponder on:

(i)Do we have time for self-introspection or examination of our thoughts and feelings?                                                                                                                                           (ii)How we respond to difficult situation

(iii) How our feelings and emotions gets affected by a certain situations?

(iv) How often we are happy or peaceful?

If I have to answer the first question, I frankly state that I have time; but I rarely give time for introspection . The consequence is that the level of my stress increases, so does my anxiety when I deal with my day- to- day problems and complexities. I feel lethargic which tries to hamper my potentiality; immediately I try to take out time for myself-  find out the possible reasons for my stress and anxiety and go back to the sacred lines of The Bible, The Gita, The Quran or any religious  book I find near me.

What I want to point out here is that we have time for the world but we don’t take out time for ourselves; so when we deal with our daily works and targets, the level of our stress and anxiety increases. When I encounter such case, I read holy books- give time for me, some of you might do meditations or yoga which infact is the  most positive medicine to deal with stress and anxiety; My question is have you ever pondered on how you try to deal with your day-to-day stress and anxiety? If we look up with our open eyes at our present day society, we can easily get the answer for the second question. As we know that life is not the bed of roses; but what we want? We want easy sail in our life, which is not going to happen. The only way out is to know our strength, be positive and move forward with ease and calm. But what we see in our present day society is increasing number of suicides, addiction to drug and other intoxicating substances. This is how majority of youth respond to  the difficult situation whether it be a small issue like failure in examination or big one like critical illness. But is this the solution to the problem? Definitely, it’s not the solution but an escape from it. I know it’s very difficult to deal with the difficult situation and we will easily be prone to addiction and other temporary escape. But the fact is that the way we deal with difficult situation is the real test of our life, it reflects our actual personality and the strength we have got within ourselves. Everyone will be positive and calm during happy and good times but do we remain positive even during our bad times?

Can we stay calm during our difficult situation is the real question we need to introspect. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam got lesson from his father the he needs to stay “Calm” and think a lot before taking any decision; the lesson certainly influenced his life so that he could make an impact even after his physical death.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation had calmness as his greatest virtue, which helped him a lot to bring a spirit of positive revolution in the minds of man. The same calmness we could see when Sachin used to bat on the field or when Lionel Messi plays on the ground. The reason I talked about calmness and temperament is that it is the key factor when we deal with difficult situation. It helps us to take decision properly and handle our problems in a better way. In my case, I try my level best to stay calm, as I know it is the best way to deal with difficult situations. Rudyard Kipling says in his  poem, “If”-

“If you can keep your head when all about you                                                                         Are losing theirs and blaming it on you

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you….…                                                          You’ll be a man, my son!”

So, dear friends have you ever gave a thought how you have dealt or how you  deal with your difficult  situation? If not give a thought over it. Being a sensitive creature, our feelings and emotions are certain to get  affected by some situations we face in our life, both in good and bad times. Every day, we expect good situations to come in our life and when it comes, we will be very happy; but when bad situations come, we will be affected most. For instance, if there is a misunderstanding between two friends, if may affect one, for a day or a week or a month. It may affect other for a life time. The time period they are affected will be less productive because if they are not in good mood they can’t give their best. So, the best solutions to this problem is to clear the misunderstanding, and to move forward without being affected.

Now let’s see what we do when we are affected by the circumstances?

The people who are religious try to gain strength by praying their Gods they believe, some of you listen to music to boost up the mood, some creative artists try to take it out in the form of art be it through poetry, painting, or  photography. This difficult time becomes a boon for such artist; their thoughts and feelings will be affected but it will come out in the form of their art, which will be a gift to the society or generations at large. But let’s see how majority of us are affected; we will be sad for days, months or years. On top of this, we will try to take refuge in alcohol or other intoxicating  substances. Again, is this the solution to the problem, if we are sad, disappointed who will be affected the most? We, ourselves will be affected by it and we can hardly be productive during this time and it will be very difficult to spread the positive vibe. Again, my question is, have we ever thought how much you will be affected by our thoughts and feelings when we encounter difficult situations, what major you take to deal with it? If we have not thought over it, it’s necessary to think.

If we look at the last question, we can find two important terms- happy and peace. Infact, every individual has an intense desire to be happy and peaceful throughout their life. How often we will be happy and peaceful is the last serious questions we need to ask ourselves? Some finds happiness in the success they gain in life while other finds peace when they help others or does some charitable works. Every individual experiences happiness and peace according to his or her desired circumstances. But can we stay happy and peaceful even in the adverse circumstances, even if the things are not working according to our will. It depends on our caliber to stick to happiness and peace even in difficult situations.   Sometimes we welcome sadness by accelerating anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, backbite; these are the main reason for our unhappiness and disturbed mind. Lord Buddha said “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

So in spite of knowing the fact that these things will do nothing but will harm ourselves, why don’t we change our mind set and starts loving all as we all are part of the great one. If we try to do so, at least we can get positive vibe, mental and psychological support from all people.

The reason for discussing these entire questions is to bring forward the spiritual consciousness amongst the youth. By this, I mean the careful examination of one’s own self so that we can find our strength as well as weaknesses. We need to make our strength or positive side more strong and learn from our weaknesses. Since spirituality is a very broad concept; to be conscious about it to be united with the entire existence. It’s a process, which helps the man to unify us as a human being with all other creatures and the entire cosmos. It’s the journey that makes man aware of their real identity and helps to find out the purpose of life. It will help us to move forward with full potentiality.

It can answer many of your hidden questions; so it is very important to introspect one own self and to careful examine the above four question and work over it. Only three things I have learnt in life- to stay calm, to love all and to introspect oneself. I would be  glad to know what answer and experience you get after going through the four questions and the key is through your introspections. Good luck, spread love and peace and stay happy.                                  (Published in Sikkim Express: 25/02/2016)

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Status and Role of women in Pulbazar


We feel delighted when we watch about the success of Mary kom or Saina Nehwal, or read through the newspaper columns about the shining stars Priyanka or Deepika, as these women are making our nation proud. Women are working hand on hand with men to build a better society, gaining success and leading forward in almost all sphere of life. So, in this article, I shall be highlighting the status and role played by the women in our own society, as they are the torchbearers of the present world.

Nestled in lap of the Himalayas, Pulbazar is a peaceful place where different communities reside harmonically heading towards a bright future. Undisputedly, the village life provides a rich flow of social interaction as we can witness ourselves. I can behold the helping nature, friendliness and Indianess overflowing through the veins of my villagers. An active participation can be seen by our women in the Social life. Whenever there is a marriage or a funeral, they lead in front row right from the preparatory works until the end of the task. There are different Self Help Group (SHG) formed by the women wing of our village like Cheli SHG, Aama SHG, Chota Rangit SHG and Sagarmata SHG. These groups have not only worked on their respective objective, but have also actively participated in different social productive work like the Tree Plantation Campaign, Construction of pony road to Devi Than (executed through MGNREGA), Village Cleaning campaign and many more.

Our women are also playing an active role in the preservation and refinement of Culture. Whenever there is Puja or festive occasion in our village, the attendance and participation of the women wing is maximum. Madheshiya Kanya Group is the newly formed group with an objective of organizing different religious programme and helping each other during the time of their need. They also did work like taking out Ratha Yatra in Durga Puja, organizing and properly executing Chhat Puja and many more.

We can see almost all girl children attending schools, leading towards the complete literacy of women in coming days. At present, most of our women and girls are self-dependent. Apart from maintaining and running smoothly their home affairs, our women and girls are working in different fields of life: some of them are employed as an Airhostess, Nurses, Engineers, Teachers, ICDS, some of them are working overseas, some are employed in 100 Days working scheme, some are engaged in vocational training while others are running their shops.

So, on the overall analysis, we can see that our women are playing an active role in different walks of life and contributing for better society. Their role, for the development of family, society and country is appreciable. So, this article is solely dedicated to them.


“Tapai” Movement            


I have always pondered on three things in my life – Love, Peace and Equality. Meditating on these concepts, I was attracted by Nepali language second person pronouns. In English language, second person pronoun is denoted by only one word “You”. But, in case of Nepali language, pronoun has three honorific grades which require special attention. First, “Ta” denotes to least respect or low-grade honorific, “Timi” denotes to medium respect or middle-grade honorific and “Tapai” denotes the highest respect or high-grade honorific.

In our everyday speech, we use “Tapai”, to address the respected person in our society, elders and the man of letters; “Timi”, to our friends and close ones and “Ta” again to friends, to the children, lower age group person and to the lower class people. Now, if we say “Ta” to the children, definitely, they will learn the same mode of address; and in the coming years, they may be habituated with it and may call every person with the same mode of address. Also while addressing to the lower class people, we use “Ta”, being least interested what impact our speech may have on them. For e.g, in a restaurant, even if the waiter is older in age, most of us have the habit of addressing them with “Ta” or even scolding them if our order does not come in time. Some are them will be habituated with such addresses, but some may really feel bad when they get abused. Not only waiter, all the person drawing minimal salary or getting engaged in profession that is of lower degree in the eye of society will have to face such humiliations.

Therefore, “Tapai” Movement advocates for the use of the word “Tapai” in our everyday speech for the social equality. The members of the group are encouraged to use the word “Tapai” while addressing to the children or to the lower age group person or even to the maid working in the house. The impact will be positive – they will feel respected and will imitate the same and in coming years, they will address all people with the word “Tapai”; and most importantly this movement advocates the use of “Tapai” while addressing to the lower class people. Again, the impact will be great; they will feel respected and their inferiority complex will be minimized. Equality will come in our speech for all class, caste or religious people. On top of it, it will add distinctive aspects to our personality because we know very well that if we respect others, we will be self-respected. “Tapai” movement aims to bring equality in our speech, which in turn will be transformed in our thoughts and will be reflected in our behaviour. So, join our movement for the greater cause and spread it for the sake of social equality and humanity.

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Renaissance of Hill English Literature


The literary feat of the ‘Hill English Literature’ became a topic of our discussion when a friend of mine was making up his mind to pursue his research on the hill writers writing in English language. By Hill English Literature, I mean the literature produced by our hill writers in English language. We have a very rich Nepali literature and its literary history is upgrading along with the contribution of many great, matured as well as budding writers writing in Nepali language. No doubt, even the writers engaged in English language have generated literature of high merit; I must mention the name of few prominent writers –

Chetan Raj Shrestha’s, “The King’s Harvest,” “The Light of his Clan,” Prajwal Parajuly’s “The Gurkha’s daughter,” “Land where I flee,” Man Prasad Subba’s “Primitive Village”(translated work from his Nepali poetry “Adim Busty”) are some of the literary texts of merit. Likewise, a few more writers are certainly keeping the spirit of Hill English literature alive. The problem is when we glimpse at the Hill English Literature on the context of number of recognized writers or the writers who are engaged in serious literary practices, we were quite surprised as we found out that there are only a handful of artists using their pen in international language. So the holistic development of Hill English Literature is too slow. There can be many factors for the gradual development; some of them are as follows:

(i) As we are living in a competitive world where we have a cut- throat competition for the job, the budding artist may lose their interest in writing; as the case of being established becomes a first priority. So even if they have a bit interest in creativity, it may fade away in the process of establishing oneself in life.

(ii) Due to lack of encouragement and proper platform for the budding artists, the upcoming artist may pen down their poems, stories or any other literary works only in their dairy without getting it published. As their works will not face criticism or appreciation, they may lose their interest in writing as the time passes. So their resource will not be utilized to its maxims.

(iii)  Lack of English literary groups, literary magazines too contribute to the slow development of Hill English Literature.

If we glimpse at the overall scenario of talents and arts, our hill artists have excelled in different fields, be it in academics, sports, dance and many more. Now, it is the high time when we must think to broaden the horizon of Hill English Literature. It is through literature, we can present our natural scenic beauty to the world – We must write about our culture, history and our contemporary society.

Some of the ways by which we can solidify the hill English literature are as follows:

(i)All upcoming writers must be encouraged and motivated in such a way that they might have the feeling of continuing their creativity lifelong. The writers must be appreciated and felicitated in every part of their success. The momentum must be there and it must continue.

(ii)Although the large majority of youth are engaged in establishing their life, the part of it who is interested in creativity can certainly utilize their leisure time for writing. In this way too, they can contribute to literature and society.

(iii)More literary groups and associations must be formed. Artists must come in a circle, so that there can be proper exchange of thoughts and creative ideas.

(iv)Anthologies of Short stories, Poems, Essays must be published every year to keep the spirit of the literature alive. The government, cultural departments should offer financial aid for this initiative.

(v)Literary journal and creative magazine must be published periodically so that the writers can pen down their thoughts and be in touch with their creativity.

(vi)State and district level poetry, short stories, essays competition must be held to encourage our young literary artists

(vii)All educational institutions- schools, colleges, universities must encourage the students by bringing out creative magazine, organizing workshop, giving them support and encouraging them to move a step forward in the field of creativity or literary activities.

The time has come to give a new dimension to Hill English literature. The prophecy is that within a few decades, we must have large number of creative artists contributing to Hill English Literature so that we can have a large number of literary works to its credit. The time must come when the history of Hill English literature will be written in golden appreciable words. Our writers should be encouraged to write more in English literature so that maximum of our literary works can reach in international level. The following lines shall conclude this article.

“I have a prophecy,

Where I can visualize our Hill lads

 Tandaving on their creativity,

 Generating the perpetual verses,

 Splendouring the world literature

And healing the Humanity.”

(Published in Sikkim Express dated 02.10.2016)

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