A tale to inspire #3




Eugene Bell Jr.  says, “Aspire to inspire before you expire.”  Definitely, the quote is awe-inspiring provided the aspiration should be action-oriented. For instance, if a person wants to bring some reformation in the society, he should aspire and then take some positive and effective action, only then he can inspire people in the days to come. In this context, here is the story of Mr Pranay Khatiwara, Co-founder of Wandering Souls of Sikkim, who aspired to inspire and is certainly taking some actions to materialize his thought.

Pranay is the son of Late Ganesh Prasad Khatiwara and Ms Jamuna Sharma. His father expired when he was at the tender age of two. He studied at Tareythang Jr, High School, Pushanjali Vidyalaya Mamring, Mamring and Rhenock Senior Secondary Schools. In the meantime, his mother got a government job when he was at seven grades.

As a student, Pranay was good in his academics but not so much active in extra-curricular activities except for quiz participation during his school days. He was a reserved boy, used to spend time reading books, and had less interaction with his friends. His grandfather loved him very much, so he wanted to keep him near his eyes but his mother always wanted him to study in good institution so that he could get a better exposure. Therefore, after completing his school, he joined Hansraj College, Delhi for his further studies.

The turning point came in his life when he along with his friends visited Taj Mahal. There, they completed all the official formalities and was about to enter inside, when the gatekeeper, looking at the mongoloid face of his friend enquired; Are you China or Korea? Pranay could not digest this insult, complained against him to the management and made him apologize. This incident so much troubled his conscience that he wrote an article, “Aap Kis Desh se ho” that was published in DU Magazine, 2012. It was also published in Sikkim Express with the title, “A Day out to Agra: Feeling of not being an Indian. He then aspired, took action and started his blog, “Wandering Souls of Sikkim,” with an objective of writing more articles about his native land, Sikkim.

Pranay completed his graduation and was preparing for his IAS examination. Unfortunately, his grandmother expired and he had to return. He joined Sikkim Manipal University, where he got more exposure and became active in Co-curricular activities. He also thought that the students should be provided with more platforms to expose their talents, so he along with his team started organizing various Inter- Schools programmes. He became so passionate that his team repeatedly organised many competitions across the state like Inter School Scholastic Competition at Tareythang, Quiz Competition in Mamring, Freedom from open defecation week at Pakyong, Inter College Competition at SDF Bhawan, Inter School competition at Sudunglakha, Career guidance programme at Mamring and NEEV at Pakyong GPK hall. In the meantime, he completed his post-graduation, cleared NET and got a job as an Assistant Professor at Sikkim Manipal University.

I have also been invited to many of his team events. I could clearly observe his passion, zeal, determination and courage to keep the spirit burning. I could also see the silent tears on his glowing face when he was watching the students perform on the stage. Right now, his team is working tirelessly to set up a school library at Pacheykhani Secondary School. His teams are also planning to organize many such events in the days to come.

Isn’t it inspiring? His mother and family member would definitely be happy when they see their son inspiring and doing something positive for society. Every one of us has that inspiring instinct, but then we should not restrict our positive energy to our thought. If we want to do something positive, good and motivating for the society, (even if we don’t have a penny in our pocket) we must take action and move on. The divine energy will definitely fill our soul with infinite power to let the miracle happen.

 I conclude this article with little-modified version of the opening quote, “Don’t just aspire; Aspire, Act and Inspire.”