A tale to inspire #1





I have heard from many, taking out their heart core feelings against their parents, putting forward their so-called logical arguments- stating that the parents fail to meet their expectation on the basis of the modern standard of living. Some even roar louder than the lion, at their full pitch battling and thundering, cursing their family members telling that if they can’t fulfil their desire why did they gave birth. Only the other hand, we can witness many instances where parents will be toiling extremely hard, falling in debts- starving and trying every means to give the best education and upbringing to their wards. So, before forwarding the arguments, if we analyze even a bit of their wholesome struggle, the ill feelings some of the wards may have for their parents would certainly fade away and the new air of positivity might fill the ambience, giving the energy and the sense of satisfaction that our present life situations and standard of living can certainly be lead in an optimistic way. We can also find some children who really do understand the meaning of the struggle of their parents and always focuses on making things better and finally excels in life, understanding its complicated meaning.

Life is definitely full of struggle, but how joyfully we handle struggle determines our temperament and mode of success. The story of triumph over the struggling phase of life inspires many, so this article is the nutshell flashback of triumphant struggling experiences that one of my colleagues shared with me.

Mr Sumeet Agarwal did his schooling from Model English School, Sonada and as a student, he was notorious, not very much interested in studies. After completing his primary education, his real struggle began. As he belonged to a middle-class family, it was not an easy task for him to pursue his studies smoothly. He narrates that he started selling Newspaper and he use to get ₹2 from his parents as pocket money. His struggle continued and he passed his X standard with good percentage. His family members wanted him to do business, but he had a strong desire to continue his studies. So he convinced his family and joined St. Alphonsus in XI standard. He needed ₹30 everyday day for vehicle fare, but he use to get only ₹10 for his lunch. So, he along with his group of friends use to wait for tea garden vehicle. When the vehicle came, they ran and hang themselves on the vehicle and their mode of running was as speed as the marathon’s race runner. He fell down several times, his legs were cut, had scar marks on his feet while making an attempt to catch the vehicle. This was the reason why he used to be late in his class more often. One day as he was late to his school, his teacher made him stand up on his bench and ordered all the remaining students to give an applause to him for coming late in class. He took this applause positively and moved on with the same zeal.

In this way, Mr. Sumeet completed his intermediate studies- struggling, battling, and trying every possible means to move on. He had a thirst to read more, so what could stop him. Again, his family members advised him to do business so that he could be a helping hand for his family. He was able to convince his parents that he had a desire to read more. They were convinced and tried to help him in every possible way. He joined St. Joseph’s College for his further studies. To reach his college, he needed ₹40 fare to and fro and he had to manage his overall day affair in ₹30. So, in order to manage the situation, he started assisting the driver while picking up the students who went to school; for this task his fare was relieved. While assisting the driver, he had to sacrifice most of his classes, but his zeal inspired him to update whatever was done in his classes. Being a vegetarian, he even worked in a non- vegetarian hotel to manage money for his college necessities. He and one of his close friend Dawa Sherpa started the Students Welfare Forum with the objective to eliminate an asymmetric information among the student regarding higher education and career counselling. Meanwhile, he also started helping his brother in the business affair to support his family. In this way, in spite of many hurdles, he became a B.Com graduate.

His family had many expectations from him, so they were looking forward that definitely, he would start working after his graduation; but he was more passionate to pursue his higher education. The situation became tensed, so he left his home thinking that he would return only after completing his studies. In his way of struggle, he even had to stay away from his family for the time being. He had a dream to study in Calcutta University, but since he didn’t secure the required percentage, he was denied an admission; but he didn’t lose hope, so he came back and enrolled himself in North Bengal University for his post- graduation studies- stayed in a hostel, applied for scholarship, tried every means to complete his studies. After much hardships, he completed his studies. After completing his studies, he worked in different organizations for few years and currently he is working as an Assistant Professor in our institution making his family happy and society proud.

After jotting down some of his life’s experiences, what attracted me the most is his heroic way of struggle to make his circumstances better rather than arguing against the parents or cursing the hard destiny and of course his thirst for knowledge and the zeal to move on, in spite of many obstacles in life. Hope he shall achieve many milestones in near future and utilizes his knowledge for the betterment of humanity. May his life experiences shall be a sample piece and source of inspiration for coming generation. His way of dealing with difficult situation really inspired me, so this article is solely dedicated to him.