The importance of spiritual consciousness amongst the youth.


It’s a blessing to be born in the time when the technological developments are at its zenith. The information of the world is at our fingertips; we have time to comment on the new happenings in the world, we have time to chat with our friends living in the west. All of us are extremely busy in this so-called modern sophisticated materialistic world. But there are some of the questions that we seriously need to ponder on:

(i)Do we have time for self-introspection or examination of our thoughts and feelings?                                                                                                                                           (ii)How we respond to difficult situation

(iii) How our feelings and emotions gets affected by a certain situations?

(iv) How often we are happy or peaceful?

If I have to answer the first question, I frankly state that I have time; but I rarely give time for introspection . The consequence is that the level of my stress increases, so does my anxiety when I deal with my day- to- day problems and complexities. I feel lethargic which tries to hamper my potentiality; immediately I try to take out time for myself-  find out the possible reasons for my stress and anxiety and go back to the sacred lines of The Bible, The Gita, The Quran or any religious  book I find near me.

What I want to point out here is that we have time for the world but we don’t take out time for ourselves; so when we deal with our daily works and targets, the level of our stress and anxiety increases. When I encounter such case, I read holy books- give time for me, some of you might do meditations or yoga which infact is the  most positive medicine to deal with stress and anxiety; My question is have you ever pondered on how you try to deal with your day-to-day stress and anxiety? If we look up with our open eyes at our present day society, we can easily get the answer for the second question. As we know that life is not the bed of roses; but what we want? We want easy sail in our life, which is not going to happen. The only way out is to know our strength, be positive and move forward with ease and calm. But what we see in our present day society is increasing number of suicides, addiction to drug and other intoxicating substances. This is how majority of youth respond to  the difficult situation whether it be a small issue like failure in examination or big one like critical illness. But is this the solution to the problem? Definitely, it’s not the solution but an escape from it. I know it’s very difficult to deal with the difficult situation and we will easily be prone to addiction and other temporary escape. But the fact is that the way we deal with difficult situation is the real test of our life, it reflects our actual personality and the strength we have got within ourselves. Everyone will be positive and calm during happy and good times but do we remain positive even during our bad times?

Can we stay calm during our difficult situation is the real question we need to introspect. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam got lesson from his father the he needs to stay “Calm” and think a lot before taking any decision; the lesson certainly influenced his life so that he could make an impact even after his physical death.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation had calmness as his greatest virtue, which helped him a lot to bring a spirit of positive revolution in the minds of man. The same calmness we could see when Sachin used to bat on the field or when Lionel Messi plays on the ground. The reason I talked about calmness and temperament is that it is the key factor when we deal with difficult situation. It helps us to take decision properly and handle our problems in a better way. In my case, I try my level best to stay calm, as I know it is the best way to deal with difficult situations. Rudyard Kipling says in his  poem, “If”-

“If you can keep your head when all about you                                                                         Are losing theirs and blaming it on you

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you….…                                                          You’ll be a man, my son!”

So, dear friends have you ever gave a thought how you have dealt or how you  deal with your difficult  situation? If not give a thought over it. Being a sensitive creature, our feelings and emotions are certain to get  affected by some situations we face in our life, both in good and bad times. Every day, we expect good situations to come in our life and when it comes, we will be very happy; but when bad situations come, we will be affected most. For instance, if there is a misunderstanding between two friends, if may affect one, for a day or a week or a month. It may affect other for a life time. The time period they are affected will be less productive because if they are not in good mood they can’t give their best. So, the best solutions to this problem is to clear the misunderstanding, and to move forward without being affected.

Now let’s see what we do when we are affected by the circumstances?

The people who are religious try to gain strength by praying their Gods they believe, some of you listen to music to boost up the mood, some creative artists try to take it out in the form of art be it through poetry, painting, or  photography. This difficult time becomes a boon for such artist; their thoughts and feelings will be affected but it will come out in the form of their art, which will be a gift to the society or generations at large. But let’s see how majority of us are affected; we will be sad for days, months or years. On top of this, we will try to take refuge in alcohol or other intoxicating  substances. Again, is this the solution to the problem, if we are sad, disappointed who will be affected the most? We, ourselves will be affected by it and we can hardly be productive during this time and it will be very difficult to spread the positive vibe. Again, my question is, have we ever thought how much you will be affected by our thoughts and feelings when we encounter difficult situations, what major you take to deal with it? If we have not thought over it, it’s necessary to think.

If we look at the last question, we can find two important terms- happy and peace. Infact, every individual has an intense desire to be happy and peaceful throughout their life. How often we will be happy and peaceful is the last serious questions we need to ask ourselves? Some finds happiness in the success they gain in life while other finds peace when they help others or does some charitable works. Every individual experiences happiness and peace according to his or her desired circumstances. But can we stay happy and peaceful even in the adverse circumstances, even if the things are not working according to our will. It depends on our caliber to stick to happiness and peace even in difficult situations.   Sometimes we welcome sadness by accelerating anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, backbite; these are the main reason for our unhappiness and disturbed mind. Lord Buddha said “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

So in spite of knowing the fact that these things will do nothing but will harm ourselves, why don’t we change our mind set and starts loving all as we all are part of the great one. If we try to do so, at least we can get positive vibe, mental and psychological support from all people.

The reason for discussing these entire questions is to bring forward the spiritual consciousness amongst the youth. By this, I mean the careful examination of one’s own self so that we can find our strength as well as weaknesses. We need to make our strength or positive side more strong and learn from our weaknesses. Since spirituality is a very broad concept; to be conscious about it to be united with the entire existence. It’s a process, which helps the man to unify us as a human being with all other creatures and the entire cosmos. It’s the journey that makes man aware of their real identity and helps to find out the purpose of life. It will help us to move forward with full potentiality.

It can answer many of your hidden questions; so it is very important to introspect one own self and to careful examine the above four question and work over it. Only three things I have learnt in life- to stay calm, to love all and to introspect oneself. I would be  glad to know what answer and experience you get after going through the four questions and the key is through your introspections. Good luck, spread love and peace and stay happy.                                  (Published in Sikkim Express: 25/02/2016)

Click to download PDF: The importance of spiritual consciousness amongst the youth.

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