“Tapai” Movement            


I have always pondered on three things in my life – Love, Peace and Equality. Meditating on these concepts, I was attracted by Nepali language second person pronouns. In English language, second person pronoun is denoted by only one word “You”. But, in case of Nepali language, pronoun has three honorific grades which require special attention. First, “Ta” denotes to least respect or low-grade honorific, “Timi” denotes to medium respect or middle-grade honorific and “Tapai” denotes the highest respect or high-grade honorific.

In our everyday speech, we use “Tapai”, to address the respected person in our society, elders and the man of letters; “Timi”, to our friends and close ones and “Ta” again to friends, to the children, lower age group person and to the lower class people. Now, if we say “Ta” to the children, definitely, they will learn the same mode of address; and in the coming years, they may be habituated with it and may call every person with the same mode of address. Also while addressing to the lower class people, we use “Ta”, being least interested what impact our speech may have on them. For e.g, in a restaurant, even if the waiter is older in age, most of us have the habit of addressing them with “Ta” or even scolding them if our order does not come in time. Some are them will be habituated with such addresses, but some may really feel bad when they get abused. Not only waiter, all the person drawing minimal salary or getting engaged in profession that is of lower degree in the eye of society will have to face such humiliations.

Therefore, “Tapai” Movement advocates for the use of the word “Tapai” in our everyday speech for the social equality. The members of the group are encouraged to use the word “Tapai” while addressing to the children or to the lower age group person or even to the maid working in the house. The impact will be positive – they will feel respected and will imitate the same and in coming years, they will address all people with the word “Tapai”; and most importantly this movement advocates the use of “Tapai” while addressing to the lower class people. Again, the impact will be great; they will feel respected and their inferiority complex will be minimized. Equality will come in our speech for all class, caste or religious people. On top of it, it will add distinctive aspects to our personality because we know very well that if we respect others, we will be self-respected. “Tapai” movement aims to bring equality in our speech, which in turn will be transformed in our thoughts and will be reflected in our behaviour. So, join our movement for the greater cause and spread it for the sake of social equality and humanity.

Click to download PDF:  Tapai Movement              


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